Conscious Connection, Fridays ongoing

The Yoga of Relationships

Your first meeting is free.
Every meeting will include meditation and discussion with group practice of specific techniques for deeper connection and better relationships that you can use right away. You’ll leave with a specific game plan for the following week.

In our meetings we’ll describe and work with the below.

Each meeting will include guided meditation.
Meditation will be an important aspect of this class.

Each meeting has a unique topic.
We believe you’ll find every meeting useful and effective to improve or attract better relationships right away. And at the same time you’ll meet others who share similar goals.

Inner peace, an inspired life, and a courageous heart are your birthright and are the mystic keys to great relationships, partnerships, and effective collaboration.

Conscious Connection is a term we use to describe the practice of being aware of and actively raising our energy and level of awareness when interacting with others. It includes understanding how our own state of being can color our perception of others and influence the way others perceive us too. The popular phrase emotional intelligence roughly describes this, but in my mind it stops short of important subtle realities we’re trying to work with in yoga. True inner guidance is not emotional in any way. Emotions are often associated with feeling, but emotions are actually reactions. This reactive process needs to be stilled before deeper perceptions can come.

Yoga is the science of stilling inner disturbance, noise, and disharmony.
It is these that cloud our ability to “hear” what our conscience would tell us. Our goal is to help you strengthen your ability to listen, understand, and act in harmony with this inner guide. The good news is it gets easier to understand what we’re feeling and to balance what we feel with reason over time.

Yoga means Union. Union is Conscious Connection.
Healthy relationships are the path we need to walk if we are to reach our highest goals of fulfillment, purpose, belonging, and freedom.