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Meditation and Discussion (1hr)

The Meditation and Discussion meeting begins just as described in the Get Meditated practice, but the meditation practice is influenced by its companion topic. This portion lasts 20 – 30 minutes. Meditation is followed by discussion on a unique topic. We describe this as a discussion instead of a lecture because we enjoy questions and  …read more

Get Meditated (30 minutes)

Benefits: Dynamic support for an efficient mind, a healthy body, and a happy heart Development of resiliency and solution oriented thinking that prepares one for life’s greatest challenges Practical techniques for stress reduction and enhanced productivity that will benefit attendees at work and at home Guidance and silent time suitable for beginners Participants report feeling  …read more

Applied Meditation

Have you ever felt that if you could clear your mind, and calmly concentrate, that if you could transport your awareness across the ocean of mental static before you, that you might find yourself knowing the answers needed to solve any problem? Nobody knows exactly what you need to know the way you do within  …read more