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Forgiveness is Power (12 min)

I was thinking about something about a week ago. In the yoga teachings they say that the idea of the divine or God is that it’s the all encompassing reality. So there’s nothing that is that isn’t a part of God or whatever we want to call God. And everything that we experience in the  …read more

What is Love? (17.5 min)

What Yogananda said is very interesting, it’s always inspired me. He said that the gravity holding the planets and balancing them in the solar system, around the sun and elsewhere in the universe was a manifestation of Divine Love. And I love that and I think about it all the time and I have my  …read more

Clarity of Purpose Pt. 2 (17 min)

So, first of all, because there’s some first timers, here are some things that will help with concentration when you sit to meditate: it’s really good to have been fasting, to not have eaten or drank anything that you have to digest. I mean water’s fine, but you know that’s why first thing in the  …read more

Why I Meditate (1 min)

If the world wasn’t practically tearing itself apart with ego and materialism and selfishness and greed, nobody would be meditating. The benefit of meditating is way better than anything that this world can offer. I don’t like to use the word all the time, but it comes out of me all the time – you  …read more

Why Meditate? (11.5 min)

There are all these stages to meditation. In the beginning there’s this huge challenge of just being able to keep your body still, there’s this huge challenge of putting your mind on one thing. And this isn’t even meditating, it’s literally just being still and concentrating. That’s a big challenge for us because there’s not  …read more

The Science of Happiness (48 min)

There is a science to happiness and you could think of that as the whole yoga science but there are two really main functions of everything in yoga and I believe it’s also at the roots of all great spiritual traditions. It sounds a little odd or abstract, but there’s two things, it’s like two  …read more

Good Health (10.5 min)

“Good health is more than a state of not being ill. It is a radiant state of inner wellbeing. Physical illnesses may be cured by medicines. No medicine however can induce that state of boundless energy which comes when every cell in the body cooperates with the mind willingly, joyfully in all that it seeks  …read more

Enthusiasm (18 min)

The thing about enthusiasm is that it’s fun or it’s “funner”, but it’s magnetic. I think probably everybody here has either been themselves or already is, or knows people who are and have experienced people who are very enthusiastic about something that they do. So when when we’re around people who are enthusiastic about what  …read more