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Meditation in Your Workplace

Improve Concentration, Productivity, and Cooperation Program Options: Get Meditated (30 minutes) A quick and easy way to experience meditation and its benefits. We begin with yogic practices and breathing to prepare the body and mind, and then get into meditation right away. During meditation you’ll be guided and there will be times of silence and  …read more

Applied Meditation

Have you ever felt that if you could clear your mind, and calmly concentrate, that if you could transport your awareness across the ocean of mental static before you, that you might find yourself knowing the answers needed to solve any problem? Nobody knows exactly what you need to know the way you do within  …read more

Living Unlimited Workshop

Ancient Keys for Self Realization Yoga is the science of listening and living in attunement with our own higher reality. The Living Unlimited Workshop offers practical support and inspiration for anyone who wants to access inner guidance through meditation and to live a life that is truly guided from within. Below is a rough outline  …read more

Deepening Your Meditation

6-Week Series This course is designed for those who have completed The Art & Science of Meditation and have been practicing meditation on their own for at least a few months, or possibly much longer. Individualized solutions and weekly support to deepen or develop your daily practice at home. You’ll learn new ways to take your  …read more