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Right Action for Achieving Success and Happiness, starts Thursday, Feb 15

6-Week Series Overcome the obstacles to unshakable inner-peace, mental clarity, high productivity, and intuition. “Right Action” is that which helps you achieve your own highest goals. Each meeting includes lecture, discussion, and meditation reinforced with weekly homework assignments to apply and test the principles we explore. This is a workshop and support group for spiritually  …read more

Radical Acceptance (13 min)

If you’re one of those people that tend to think about things too much – it’s great to be able to think about stuff when it’s useful and helpful, but when it’s not, then look and see if there are things that you’re thinking about that are out of your control, that you really can’t  …read more

Discrimination (17 min)

To get the benefits of meditation that we hear about, like being more free of anxiety, being more positive, being more calm, more clear, more focused and also maybe a lot of things having to do with physical health, does not require a lot of depth in meditation. What it requires is a steady practice,  …read more

What is Love? (17.5 min)

What Yogananda said is very interesting, it’s always inspired me. He said that the gravity holding the planets and balancing them in the solar system, around the sun and elsewhere in the universe was a manifestation of Divine Love. And I love that and I think about it all the time and I have my  …read more

Meditation: Physical Challenges & Benefits

Partial Transcription: There are all these stages to meditation. In the beginning there’s this huge challenge of just being able to keep your body still, there’s this huge challenge of putting your mind on one thing. And this isn’t even meditating, it’s literally just being still and concentrating. That’s a big challenge for us because  …read more

The Art & Science of Meditation

6-Week Series Learn how to meditate and create a daily home practice. The aim of this course is to help you experience the transforming power of meditation and to give you the support you need to develop a personal home practice that fits you and your needs in particular. We’ll help you create an approach tailored  …read more

Meditation Help, Mondays 7:00 PM

A great way to experience meditation for the first time! A weekly guided meditation that includes instruction and inspiration for new meditators or those who want to learn about traditional yoga meditation as it was taught by Paramhansa Yogananda. Topics: Jan 08 — Mind, Body, Breath connection Jan 15 — Overcoming physical and mental restlessness  …read more

Clarity of Purpose Pt. 2 (17 min)

So, first of all, because there’s some first timers, here are some things that will help with concentration when you sit to meditate: it’s really good to have been fasting, to not have eaten or drank anything that you have to digest. I mean water’s fine, but you know that’s why first thing in the  …read more